UNDERGROUND SOUND mini FEST preparing for July 11th 2014 music event, whats happened so far and how to get involved:

This page is set out  with latest developments at the top and the what happened initially at the base of the page.

Call out!!! The pledge page to raise money for UNDERGROUND SOUND mini FEST is nearly up and running,
Theres still lots to do and many of opportunities for anyone wanting to help and get involved, if you’d like to help; thanks and Yes Please! you are very welcome!! Please read on for some ideas of how you might like to help:

  • Get involved with the developing plan –  We really want to do this as a collective and everyone wanting to get involved in whichever way feels right and good for them are absolutely invited and welcome! Please get in touch either by coming along to any Underground Sound friday session 12-6pm or any Open Day at the Bridge Collective thursdays 10 – 3  or email: bridgecollective@hotmail.co.uk or call 01392433358 and leave a message.
  • Perform at the Festival on 11th of July – if you’d like to perform individually, as a group or representing your group, please let us know! Either by coming along to Underground Sound any friday at the Bridge Collective 12-6pm, emailing bridgecollective@hotmail.co.uk or by calling 01392433358 and leave a message – All welcome!
  • Promoting. Sharing, facebooking, tweeting, emailing link to our crowdfunding page all are very helpful! Spread the word 🙂 And good old fashion talking about the event is good too 🙂
  • Pledge money through the spacehive page click HERE
  • Physically set up and take down on the day  (11th July 2014!)
  • Come enjoy the Festival!


These are a few ideas that we have about what we need to get this fiesta happening, they are not conclusive. If you can think of more please share!!! you can do this by coming into the bridge collective any Thursday Open day 10 – 3pm or any Friday at underground sound 12 – 6pm or  you can email or phone.  Click Here for contact details and a Map. Thanks 🙂



First appearance on Bridge Collective’s website on Monday 2nd June


UNDERGROUND SOUND mini FEST  will be joining of a nation wide ‘Our Big Gig’ Celebration – bringing people together through music!  OurBigGig is an initiative of Superact – click here to find out more on their website)

We’re currently  busy finalising the set up of our crowdfunding page – its taking a little longer than we had hoped, but we’ll get there!

And as Soon as is Possible, this vision of orange and multicoloured writing will be a LINK that you’ll be able click on to take you directly to a page where you can make your pledge:

We’ll have  1 WEEK to reach Our Target: £830. Our Deadline: 10th June!

As with all crowdfunding sites, spacehive  is Raise All or Nothing! But if you are planning on pledge, please don’t worry! you wont be debited unless we hit the target and the festival is actually going to happen.

Superact the event initiators, have kindly offered to also make a pledge £250 (After our first 10 pledges).

If you want to make it happen we need you to join us and and Pledge! and get all your friends and families pledging too! Everything helps even a couple of pounds is great, please give as generously as feels good and right for you! Thanks




We’ve registering UNDERGROUND SOUND mini FEST to have a place on crowdfunding site Spacehive

Here’s some of the details:

What we’re proposing:

A Four hour mini Festival at Exeter Quayside on Friday 11th July between 4 and 8pm as part of Our Big Gig, a community music celebration taking place across the UK from the 11th – 13th July 2014.

Our stage will be set for participants of Underground Sound and other local community projects and performers, that would like to connect to an audience of families, friends and friends yet to be met though Music!

UNDERGROUND SOUND is a young people’s music project that happens every Friday at the Bridge Collective.
Our mini-fest will be a celebration of the eclectic musical expression that happens every week. It’s also an chance for us to inspire people to take part and join us in music-making and other group opportunities that happen at the Bridge Collective.

The Bridge Collective is a democratic community where people who have experiences, beliefs, and feelings that have sometimes been labelled as mental illness are welcomed and can talk about these experiences freely, safely and without judgement; a place to participate in friendship, support, learning, teaching, discussion, being active, and making a valid contribution both within the collective and the wider community.

Specifically, we’re proposing to:

  • Have a FREE 4 hour mini festival, bringing people together through music at Exeter Quayside on 11th July 2014
  • Connect with families, friends and local people though music
  • Raise money for a small PA system for Underground Sound so we can perform in public again
  • Give an opportunity for people that might not usually have had the chance to take to a stage

Why we think its a great idea:

Music moves us and connects us.

We enjoy coming together and connecting through music. We want to come and play, share our tunes, melodies and rhythms with you, by the river, in the in the heart of our city on July 11th.

Welcoming everyone to come along and join us in our FREE mini-fest!

It’s going to be fun, and we’re planning for this to be the first of many opportunities to perform and connect though our music publicly.

How will we do it:

  • Raise our Target  – WITH THANKS to everyone involved
  • Buy our Public Address system
  • Book the stage decking
  • Turn up on 11th July, set up, ensuring we’re all safe and ready to commence
  • Collectively host and participate in a fiesta of eclectic musical performance tasters of lots of different genres
  • 8pm Pack up the set
  • Go home, feet up, relax!! Breathe!
  • Share memories with everyone involved 🙂


Once again  people involved in Underground sound got together, discussed thoughts and feeling about whether to continue, it was  decided that it would be still be fun to be involved and we’d like have a go!

Some of our reasons  included:

“The idea of crowdfunding being democratic – and liking that!”

“this is a learning opportunity for us”

“the actual event will be a great chance to perform in public”

“doing something together”



Bridge was contacted with the news to say: sadly we would not receive the £400 grant, however, if we’d like to set up a crowdfunding page to raise money for an event as part of our big gig, we would also be offered a £250 pledge from the national event organisers.


People involved in Underground sound got together, discussed and decided that it would be fun to be involved! A bid for the grant was completed and sent off.


Superact contacted us to offer us the opportunity to apply for a grant to take part in an Our big gig event with the purpose of helping community groups to take part in a nationwide music celebration taking place across England from 11-13 July 2014.

This is what www.superact.org.uk/ourbiggig says about the Our Big Gig weekend:

This annual event brings communities together to improve community cohesion and inspire people to take part in music making opportunities in their local area. Superact has provided grants to 150 Community Organisations to host Our Big Gig events in 2014 and is currently facilitating crowdfunding to host more events. All events will be at least four hours long, free to attend and will present opportunities for people to participate in a range of musical activities.