Voices and Visions Resources

We have recently been given a hearing voices resource pack kindly provided by HVN Cymru (www.hearingvoicescymru.org Telephone: 01437- 769982)

Our resource pack includes:

  • Setting up and running a hearing voices group DVD and CD set
  • The Working with Voices workbook by Mike Smith and Ron Coleman
  • Eleanor Longden “Knowing You, Knowing You” DVD
  • The Voice Inside by Paul Baker
  • Recovery an Alien concept Ron Coleman
  • Unshrinking Psychosis John Watkins
  • Children and Voice Hearing by Sandra Escher
  • 1st and 2nd World Hearing Voices Congress 2009 -2010 DVD
  • The Hearing Voices Network “25 Years On” – Vol 2 – From Psychiatry to Society DVD


These resources and other information can be consulted at the Bridge on our open days


Here are some resources available on the internet:

Article by Ben Durkin: “Recovery from Schizophrenia: An Evaluation of Different Treatments and Therapies”

Bridge Collective Special Edition: Hearing Voices Special Edition Newsletter

Book downloadwww.peter-lehmann-publishing.com – an updated version of Tamasin Knight’s “Beyond Belief – looking at Alternative Ways of Working with Delusions, Obsessions and Unusual Experiences”

Complete Film Open Dialogue: alternative Finnish approach to healing psychosis (COMPLETE FILM)

“Hearing Voices: A guide to understanding helping and empowering individuals” mobile app http://www.nwppn.nhs.uk/index.php/our-work/research-and-innovation/hearing-voices-project

Trailer for “OPEN DIALOGUE,” an alternative Finnish approach to healing psychosis  www.youtube.com/watch?v=An

Voice Collective: for children and young people who see, hear or sense things others don’t www.voicecollective.co.uk/index.html 

I think their website also has helpful things for people or any age. Young people from the Voice Collective came together to create this stigma busting animation: A Little Insight www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB9_Zy0I3VU&feature=youtu.be

 Intervoice –  www.intervoiceonline.org international hearing voices network.

 Here’s a link to a website encouraging diversity in approaches: www.rufusmay.com/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

 Bibliography of First-Person Narratives of Madness in English (5th edition) www.gailhornstein.com