Voices and Visions

We have recently been given a hearing voices resource pack kindly provided by HVN Cymru

(www.hearingvoicescymru.org Telephone: 01437- 769982)

Our resource pack includes:

  • Setting up and running a hearing voices group DVD and CD set
  • The Working with Voices workbook by Mike Smith and Ron Coleman
  • Eleanor Longden “Knowing You, Knowing You” DVD
  • The Voice Inside by Paul Baker
  • Recovery an Alien concept Ron Coleman
  • Unshrinking Psychosis John Watkins
  • Children and Voice Hearing by Sandra Escher
  • 1st and 2nd World Hearing Voices Congress 2009 -2010 DVD
  • The Hearing Voices Network “25 Years On” – Vol 2 – From Psychiatry to Society DVD

Resources pack available from Hearing Voices Cmyru http://hearingvoicescymru.org/hearing-voices-resource-pack-2015-2016_5432.html
The Hearing Voices Information Resource Pack Fund will run until 31st December 2019.


These resources and other information can be consulted at the Bridge on our Open Days


Here are some resources available on the internet: