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  • Under the title of ‘The Joan of Arc Project’ and “The Bridge Collective” we have initiated and collaborated with at least a dozen significant research projects, many with Departments of Clinical Psychology at Plymouth, Bristol and Exeter Universities.
  • Graduate and undergraduate students have frequently derived their dissertation topics and data during placements with the Bridge Collective and liaison with our Experts by Experience project. 
  • If you are looking for an opportunity to be part of a participant-led research project, please contact us at: Tel: 01392 433358

Past research

“The democratic approach to mental wellbeing: Exploring individuals’ experiences of a mental health collective through a participatory appraisal approach”
  • B – Information Sheets – Interviews
  • 2.6.17 DRAFT: A democratic approach toward emotional wellbeing: Exploring individual’s experience of a mental health collective through a participatory appraisal approach pdf document, word document
  • 30.6.17 DRAFT: Exploring survivor-led democratic processes
    Please note: This is a draft with further changes potentially to be made.
  • We have updated sheets to add to this section – please check back in 2019 for updates.