Questions to ask ourselves when adding an item to the community meeting agenda

Updated 29/12/21


Here are some “Questions to ask ourselves” to read through, they are meant to serve as a guide to filling in the ‘putting an item to the community meeting form’ (link to form found below)

If you want more help completing this form, please contact

If you have several items or an item with several parts, consider what is realistic to cover in a meeting and consider spreading items over future meetings.

Questions to ask ourselves when considering deciding to do something new:

1. How does this item help to achieve the aims of the Bridge?

Our Mission Statement:
To be a company whose members are creating: A democratic community where people who have experiences, beliefs, and feelings that have sometimes been labelled as mental illness are welcomed and can talk about these experiences freely, safely and without judgement; a place to participate in friendship, support, learning, teaching, discussion, being active, and making a valid contribution both within the collective and the wider community.

2. Will it be a Bridge Collective venture, a partnership venture, an independent venture?

3. What are the safety issues? 

– Is it safe?
– How could it be made so?

– Is it respectful?
– Is it accessible?
– What are the legal implications?
– Legislation to be aware of?
– Insurance?
– In a partnership – who has responsibility for what?

4. Resources

– What resources will it need?

– Can we sustain it?

– Will it be supported by an existing system or will it need a new system?

5. The wider world

– What unintended impacts might it have on the wider world? (ethical, environmental issues etc)
– What intended impacts might it have on the wider world?

6. Capacity

– What other things need doing?
– Who will do them?
– Is there capacity to do them?
– Are we up for the commitment?

★ Time
★ Space
★ Money
★ Back-up stuff

If you’d like to look at minutes from past community meetings, for examples of the type of items that are brought to community meetings and how they are minuted you can access them here: (Opens in a new window. The minutes are filed in reverse date order: YY-MM. For example 20-06 would be June 2020)

More information about how the Bridge Collective Community Meetings can be found here:

Online form: Putting an item on a community meeting agenda form

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