Bridge Membership

What does Bridge Collective membership mean?

The Bridge is a Community Interest Company, meaning that its aim is to benefit the community and not to make a profit for private individuals. Members of the company are people who have chosen to take part in supporting and furthering this aim. As a member, you are part of the company, and the company is made up of its members acting together. Membership is about belonging to the company and commitment to its aims. Legally, the members are the owners of the company.

Members pay an annual subscription fixed in the Directors’ Meeting. Their names and addresses are kept on a list held securely at the Bridge. As a member, you undertake to pay £1 towards any debts the company may have should it be wound up. You have no other financial liabilities.

You don’t have to be a member to take part in Bridge Collective activities.

To find out more about being a member, read our Membership Statement by following the links below to our Membership Form.