Discussion Group

discussion group

Notice 12.12.19

The Discussion group is currently on a break.

Discussion group history

We discuss a variety of perspectives on issues such as freedom, culture, knowledge, mental health, creativity.
We also try to make sense of how we think the way we do.

Get together with others to share views and enjoy different viewpoints.

We’ll offer these proposed principles for the space:

  1. Every individual brings to the space valid knowledge from their own background.
  2. All knowledge is partial and incomplete
  3. All knowledge can be questioned.

(From: Open Spaces for Dialogue and Enquiry. See: www.osdemethodology.org.uk or www.globalfootprints.org/osde)

No pressure to speak – come to listen too.

It’s fine to turn up or call:

Nicola on: 07812 439818 /01392 433358


Discussion group archive

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