Community Meeting

Updated 1/6/23

We are sad to say the Bridge Collective is in the process of closing down.
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Our Community meeting met until May 2023.


Our past Community Meeting page is below. 

About the Community Meeting


At our monthly Community Meetings, which are open to everyone, we make decisions about how the Bridge is run and what happens here. We discuss policies and training, report on activities and bring ideas for new ones, and agree decisions about how money is raised to fund the Bridge, and what we spend it on. There is an agenda which is prepared before the meeting, and a form is available which can be completed by anyone who wants to bring an item, which can be emailed or hand delivered to the Bridge. All who come are welcome to join the discussion and express their views, or just to listen and get a feel for how we work.

Originally called Directors’ Meetings, these meetings are where company decisions which need to be agreed by directors are formally made, and a quorum of directors needs to be present in order for this to happen. The name was changed to Community Meeting to try to encourage more people to come and make it more welcoming.

Every month the meeting is chaired by someone who has volunteered to do this at the previous community meeting, and everyone is welcome to volunteer for this. There is a time beforehand to prepare for this with support by an experienced Bridge member.


Community Meeting Ground Rules


  • Keeping to the agenda and the point being discussed

  • People being allowed to be themselves

  • The chair can ask someone to keep it short

  • Don’t talk over each other

  • Being aware and respectful of each others feelings

  • Being aware that people who are not speaking may still have an opinion

  • These suggestions are up for discussion/change and reagreement

  • People to turn off mobile phones – unless for emergencies

  • It is alright to arrive after the start and leave before the end

  • It’s the group’s responsibility to compose the minutes

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