Speak Out at the Bridge Collective – September Be Involved Devon Visit


As the mental health engagement partner of Healthwatch Devon, Be Involved Devon (BID) log feedback about people’s use of mental health services, as well as more general health and social care services.  BID pass this feedback on to Healthwatch Devon who combine it with feedback gathered from other sources to see where health and social care services are working or not working.  They identify collective themes and trends and pass issues on to the Care Quality Commission, Healthwatch England and other national health and social care organisations.  Locally they share feedback with those who design, plan and provide health and social care services in Devon.  They can also approach organisations for a formal response to questions around service planning and delivery.

These visits to the Bridge Collective are a 6-month pilot for review in October 2014.  The aim is to provide outreach opportunities to enable people to get their views heard.

BID speak out visits - what happens to the feedback




 Next BID visit coming up:

Bridge visits poster sept 14