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i) ‘Experts-by-Experience’

 As participants in the Bridge Collective enterprise, we believe that it is important to recognise the important part people who experience mental health problems have to play in training mental health workers and related professions.

Organizations and groups can book ‘Experts-by-Experience’ to deliver training on most mental health issues based in personal experience. Fees are available on request. Opportunities are available for people to participate in training with ‘Experts-by-Experience‘ and to receive payment for it as sessional work.


These individual insights offer an opportunity for mutual learning leading to a greater knowledge and understanding of mental health. Further, along with other groups such as the Exeter Service User Groups, ‘Experts-by-Experience’ have been very influential in changing the power dynamic between service users and professionals such as community workers, student social workers, nurses, doctors, police, DPT (Devon Partnership Trust) staff and trainee psychologists.

To find out more about joining Experts by Experience or finding out about opportunities coming up click here or contact: or telephone: 07812 439818. Messages are picked up on Tuesdays

ii) Research:

Under the title of ‘The Joan of Arc Project’ we have initiated and collaborated with at least a dozen significant research projects, many with Departments of Clinical Psychology at Plymouth, Bristol and Exeter Universities. Graduate and undergraduate students have frequently derived their dissertation topics and data during placements within our groups and / or liaison with Experts-by-Experience.

If you are looking for an opportunity to be part of a user-led research project, please contact us.

iii) Workshops:

The Bridge Collective also offers 2 hour, half day and one-day workshops which are open to mental health and community workers, service users, survivors, carers and others. They are delivered by Experts-by-Experience and they are informed by survivor-led research, and the experience of the survivor movement including self-help groups working in the Bridge Collective. They all aim to promote understanding of subjective experience and look at practical ways to support recovery. They include: ‘Hearing-Voices’ (Voices & Visions), ‘Self-Harm’, and ‘Beyond Belief’
(details, booking form and fees information available on request).