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Formal Complaint Form


Please read the formal complaints information in the Bridge Collective Policies pages before completing this form. Additional formal complaints forms are available in the Bridge Collective. 

Complainant’s Personal and Contact Details




Phone (landline):


Please tick to indicate your preferences. 

I would like to receive written acknowledgement and a final response by:


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Once this form has been received by the Complaints Team at the Bridge Collective, this will be logged as a formal complaint and the procedure will be followed.

Complaint Description

Please remember to write clearly and legibly in pen.

  1. 1.Describe the circumstances that have caused a problem.

  2. Be as specific as you can about what was said or done, by whom, when, and where. 

  3. If the complaint is about someone’s behaviour, you don’t need to name them at this stage.

  4. At this stage, try to describe events and experiences rather than opinions or interpretations.

  5. It’s ok to write about suspicions or uncertainties provided you make this clear and say what evidence you have.

  1. 2.Please explain as clearly as you can how you believe these circumstances cause a problem, even if it seems obvious to you.  This could be, for example:

  2. How something makes you feel.

  3. How you are being hindered in something that is important to you.

  4. What agreement, principle, or rule within the Bridge Collective you feel has been broken.

  5. How you think someone else has been or may be adversely affected.

  6. 3.If you feel that somebody else has some responsibility for the problem, say whether you have attempted to discuss it with them. If not, and if it seems possible and safe, please consider doing so before continuing with a formal complaint. You could ask for informal support from someone else in considering whether this is possible.

  1. 4.If there are other people named in your complaint, are you willing for them to see what you have written?

  2. You will need to understand that the Bridge Collective may not be able to make a response to your complaint without this happening. This can be discussed further in the first meeting with you about the complaint.

  1. 5.The complaints meeting can be with 2 or more people from the complaints team listed below.  Please tick at least two you are willing to meet with.

Andrew Barkla
Sarah Everson
Bridie Kelly

Please /x

  I have read through the complaints procedure principles and what to expect if I make a formal complaint. 
  I have read the procedure and agree to it being followed.
  I understand who will have access to the information I provide, what records will be kept and for how long. If you are in doubt about this, please ask for advice and clarification.
I wish to remain anonymous when complaint information is sent to Devon County Council.




All complaints are opened and acknowledged by the first full Thursday after being received

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