Bridge Collective Policies

Confidentiality Statement: It is expected that anyone participating in Bridge Collective activities will treat any personal information given by any other person in the course of those activities as confidential. Such information will not be passed on to any other person or agency outside the Bridge Collective without the consent of those involved. The only exception will be in a situation where you believe there is a serious risk of harm to somebody. If, in such a case, confidentiality is broken, those concerned will be informed clearly what information has been or will be given, to whom, as soon as possible, and the Bridge Collective will ensure that afterwards there is opportunity for discussion about what has happened for everyone involved.

The Bridge Collective sets out to be a caring community and it is accepted that people within the Bridge may need to discuss a concern about a third person in order to resolve a problem or to be supportive. Such conversations will always be aimed towards finding a resolution in which the third person is able to participate fully. We will avoid and discourage divisiveness and gossip.

Information or opinions about people who use the Bridge will not be given to professionals and others from outside the Bridge Collective except on the request of the individual concerned. This includes addresses and phone numbers.

Written information

The principles are:

  1. that minimal personal information is kept by the Bridge Collective

  2. that there is a good reason for keeping it; that the person concerned is aware what information is being kept and where

  3. that it is information provided or agreed by the person concerned

  4. that it is factual only and does not contain judgments or opinions

  5. that it is kept safely and securely in accordance with the data protection act

  6. that it is not given to anybody outside the Bridge Collective without consent unless we are legally compelled to do so.

Records will be limited to: names and addresses of members, directors, and others who have asked to be contacted by the Bridge Collective for any reason; information that has been given voluntarily in connection with Bridge activities; records required by law such as accident reports.

In the case where a letter of complaint has been received and requires action, the conflict resolution procedure will set out how such information is kept and for how long, and who has access.

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To be reviewed January 2011