Escot camp September 2-4 2016

This year’s camp will be Fri 2nd to Sun 4th September. There will be art and craft activities, green woodworking opportunities, and campfire singing. You are welcome to attend during the day and make an appropriate contribution for any meals you have with us. You are also welcome to camp for one night only for […]

Greenwood May 2014

Fri 2nd  Sharing Circle (Spring/Summer) Meet at 11am at the Bridge to go to Leafland and make tree-wishes. Bring food to share. Theme: passion, explosion of life    Tues 6th  Walk – wildflowers in Harpford woods. Meet at Exeter bus station   Fri 9th  Escot – creative words   Fri 23rd  Escot – gardening   […]

Greenwood April 2014

April 2014 Mon 7th Garden Walk around Exeter. Meet at the Bridge at 1.00pm Fri 11th Escot – Spoon carving Sun 13th Underground Passages. Meet at the Bridge at 11.00am, or at the entrance in Paris Street at 11.30am. Costs £5.60 (£4.10 consessions) Fri 25th Escot – gardening   Wednedsay 30th April: We are going […]

Greenwood March 2014

March 2014 Fri 14th Escot – felting Wed 19th Sharing Circle (Winter/Spring) – Meet at 11am at the Bridge for a walk, or meet 1.00pm at the Bridge with food to share Theme: – kindling new life Tues 25th Walk – Steps Bridge to near Chagford (6 – 7 miles) Meet at bus station at […]