Alphabetical list: Bridge Collective Policy, Procedure, Statement


Alphabetical list: Bridge Collective Policy, Procedure, Statement

Activities & groups sheet
Articles of association
Certificate of incorporation of a Community Interest Company
Contents page – documents list
Company secretary manual
Compliments, concerns & complaints
Complaints form
Compliments form
Computer, email & internet access
Criminal Records check information
Data Protection Policy
Declaration of criminal convictions
Directors responsibilities & role description
Directors induction
Disciplinary & Grievance Procedure: Employees
Disciplinary & Grievance Procedure: Volunteers
Emergency directors meeting information
Equality & Diversity Policy
Equality & Diversity monitoring form
Experts by Experience – Benefit rules
Experts by Experience – Involvement Payment Policy
Experts by Experience – Payment & expenses rates
Financial controls & reserves policy
Fire Safety sheet
Frequently asked questions
Group autonomy & being part of Bridge
Group budgets – advertising & general spending
Health & Safety Policy
Health & safety notes for keyholders
“How the Bridge Collective works” sheet
How to put items on the agenda (draft)
How to – agenda item form
Induction (Employee/volunteer)
Induction – policy read sheet
Keys and locks
Keyholder – opening up & closing up routine
Keyholders current (names)
Keyholder Policy
Keyholder Agreement
Keyholder Review
Leave policy – interim
Lone working
Lost Property, Donation, Disposal & Recycling
Membership statement
Membership subscription form
Memorandum of Association
Mission statement
Partnership working – agreement
People with named responsibility sheet
“People at the Bridge” sheet – who does what
Policy Statement on the Recruitment of Ex-offenders
Questions to ask ourselves when considering deciding to do something new
Rate of pay
Recording incidents
Recruitment manual
Recruitment policy
Risk assessments
Room hire agreement form
Room Hire – terms and conditions
Room Hire – booking form
Room Hire – Bridge checks
Safeguarding – Contact Details
Safeguarding Policy – duties & definitions
Safeguarding policy (over 18)
Safeguarding Policy (under 18)
Safeguarding organizational assessment
What to do in the event of an emergency
Volunteer Policy
Welcome pack
Workshop – external facilitator agreement