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December 2018 update: 

Underground Sound project development.
We are developing the new shape of our music project – getting together on the 1st Friday of the month 2-4pm.
All welcome to find out more 🙂
For more information: E: undergroundsound@bridgecollective.org.uk, T: Nicola on 07812 439818

Acoustic + percussion instruments

Playing music together:
Since July 2018, we’ve been having a monthly project development catch up and jam with acoustic guitars, keyboards and percussion instruments. Watch this space for when electric drums, electric guitars, decks, computers and recording booth are up and running.

Next sessions:
2-4pm Fri 4th Jan 2019
2-4pm Fri 1st Feb 2019
2-4pm Fri 1st Mar 2019                          



Current activities:

  • Creating the shape of the project
  • Gathering ideas for music workshops
  • Ideas for performing live
  • Combined vision for enjoying and make music together with the budget and skills we have
  • Electronic music equipment maintenance and health & safety
  • Getting the electric drums, decks, computers and recording booth up and running
  • Music equipment training needs 
  • Funding bid to support our music project development
  • Working towards volunteer recruitment in Underground Sound 
  • Opportunity to add songs recorded over the last 10 years to the Underground Sound Soundcloud

Whats On:
To find out What’s On at the Bridge Collective:

Underground Sound History 2007-2017

Run as a drop-in project with an emphasis on music and other arts. We have a range of musical instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, percussion instruments, electric drums as well as decks, amplifiers, a selection of records, and a recording booth. 

We’ve a large comfortable room (The Crow’s Nest) that transforms into a music space for Underground sound sessions. With a second room with hot and cold drink making facilities available.

The project began as a space for for young people over 18 who are experiencing or have experienced mental health difficulties as well as their friends, family and anyone who has an interest in mental health and music. The project has grown to include people over 18 of any age with an interest in music and mental health.

The project provides opportunities for individuals to benefit from being part of a group, from learning new skills and from being creative using musical expression. It also helps to develop and build upon existing talents, making connections in the local community, learning from others and forming friendships which extend outside of the project.

Here’s our Underground Sound – soundcloud:
Take a listen!:

Some of our past events:


 underground sound mini fest poster




underground sound at respect festival 2014

Underground Sound at Respect

Sunday 1st June 2014 some of Underground Sound joined people performing at Respect Festival on the community stage.

“It was Fun! A great vibe, everyone seemed willing to pitch in and there was a real sense of doing something together. The performances and performers were Brilliant!”

“There was amazing patience and cool while technical difficulties were sorted out “


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