The Greenwood Project

This Project provides access to the physical and mental health benefits of being in woodland and other outdoor environments. It also provides a chance to learn about traditional woodland crafts. We find that making meals and cooking on our own fire in a woodland clearing, telling stories and making music under the stars and making things by hand from natural materials we collect ourselves, all allow us to see and experience life in a new healing way. It helps us to appreciate and fully value the natural world. We meet in a number of venues around the Devon countryside. We ask for a contribution of £2.00 towards any food or drink provided. Note: Please phone (numbers below), to check meeting times and places as we occasionally have to alter them. Please also be aware that we are using woodland and other outdoor venues, and terrain and accessibility does vary for different venues and activities. If you need information about this, please contact us in advance. Andrew Barkla (07855 633304) Chris Barkla (07377 319275)


Greenwood Events coming up

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There will be a weekend stay at Blytheswood hostel, Steps Bridge, Dunsford, 28th to 30th March 2020. Booking Form

Example past events:

Greenwood Diary August to October 2016 Wembworthy 12-14 Nov 2016

 the greenwood project 
birds gathering